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Communication important as children adjust to divorce

Divorce is a difficult time for children, but parents can help them adjust in a number of ways. It is important to talk to children about the situation. Even young children will know something is wrong if one parent moves into a separate bedroom or out of the house. Children should be allowed to ask questions and process their emotions as needed. In some cases, children may be reluctant to open up about their feelings. Parents should check in and keep the conversation going. Children may deal with grief in a variety of ways, and if it is too much for parents to handle, they might want to consider consulting a therapist to help children work through their emotions.

Husband's job status could be a factor in divorce

There are many reasons why the divorce rates in Ohio and across the nation have increased since the mid-1970s. In addition to changing social stigmas, many former spouses, particularly women, have been able to advance in their own careers. This makes leaving marriages that are failing much easier. However, according to a study, it was found that the husband's employment status was actually a major factor when it came to divorce.

Study reports couples breaking up over politics

Ohio couples may be splitting up over politics at higher rates than in the past according to a survey by a polling firm. TIt found that around 10 percent of couples, both married and unmarried, broke up over political differences. Among millennials, the rate was even higher with 22 percent reporting that their relationship ended over politics.

Popular "Grey's Anatomy" star files for divorce

On April 24, news sources confirmed that popular actor and activist Jesse Williams has filed for divorce, and Ohio fans of the "Grey's Anatomy" star may want to know more. Based on information contained in court documents, Williams is seeking to terminate his wife's spousal support. He is also seeking joint legal and physical custody of their two youg children. It appears that the couple has not yet commented publicly on their reported split.

The importance of business agreements prior to divorce

If an Ohio couple runs a company together, they should have an agreement as to what happens if the romantic relationship ends. While talking about a buy-out may seem to be as awkward as discussing a prenuptial agreement, it is a necessary conversation to have. Having an agreement in writing could avoid a protracted legal battle that could impact the lives of the owners and the employees.

The increase in divorces for older adults

Individuals who are 50 years of age or older in Ohio and are considering getting a divorce should know that the divorce rate for their age group has almost doubled since the 1990s. According to the United States Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics, 10 persons out of every 1,000 married persons divorced in 2015, compared to 5 persons out of every 1,000 married persons in 1990. The divorce rate for those who are 65 years and older was six people per 1,000 married persons in 2015, which is almost triple what the rate was in 1990.

The advantages of a prenuptial agreement

With almost half of marriages ending in divorce, it is important to take steps to protect one's financial future before getting married. Ohio couples who plan to get married may consider completing a prenuptial agreement, a written contract that outlines the obligations of each party should the nuptials end by divorce, annulment or death. There are many reasons why signing a prenuptial agreement is advisable.

Couples undergoing IVF should have divorce plans in place

Ohio couples who are considering undergoing in-vitro fertilization should discuss what they would do with their frozen embryos should they divorce. Although no couple wants to consider the possibility of splitting up when trying to start a family, they should have this conversation before beginning IVF in order to prevent possible heartache in the future.

5 tips for successful co-parenting after divorce

Once the papers are signed and the divorce is final, you have an entirely new challenge. Your next hurdle is to figure out how to co-parent your children from two different homes. This often means two different sets of belief systems, rules and expectations. As hard as divorce can be on kids, parents can make it easier when they work together to successfully co-parent.

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