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Immigrants make child custody arrangements

While many immigrants living in Ohio are in the United States legally, there are some who have undocumented status. Because of changes in immigration policies, undocumented immigrants who are also parents may be concerned about the welfare of their young children, particularly if a parent or parents are detained or deported.

An alternative parenting arrangement in divorces

Ohio parents who are ending their marriage look for ways to lessen the stress of divorce on the minor children. As the term "best interests of the child" is the benchmark for a court's custody and visitation decision, the specific methods of how this goal is met is continuously evaluated.

Things to avoid during a custody dispute

Ohio parents involved in custody disputes know that the process can be a highly emotional one. However, allowing emotions to drive the behavior and decision-making process can actually harm a parent's bid for custody. When emotions do take over, it is easy to make mistakes. It is important to remember the possible consequences of these mistakes and to attempt to not fall into making them.

Blocking contact with children

Technology has simplified how noncustodial parents can stay in touch with their children, and Ohio courts have used the convenience it provides for situations in which parents reside too far away from their children to make regular in-person visitations practical. However, there can be situations in which custodial parents may want to prevent contact between their child and the other parent.

How to handle child custody disputes

Ohio estranged parents who are going through a child custody battle should have an effective course of action before they go to court. Being represented by a qualified attorney who practices family law and spending enough time to fully understand the child custody laws in their state are essential steps that should be taken.

Making divorce easier for children in Ohio

Studies have shown that divorces can have a negative effect on children, and being around fighting parents can cause even more of an emotional impact. When a couple decides to divorce, there are a number of options available, including living together for as long as possible and avoiding arguing in front of their kids, that may help reduce the emotional distress to their children.

Unmarried parents and child custody

Ohio parents who are not married and are negotiating custody and support agreements might benefit from learning about the factors that can affect negotiations. The first thing parents need to understand is that in any situation where child custody is involved, courts will consider the best interests of the child first. Second, parents should also know that being unmarried doesn't mean that a father cannot petition for custody, whether sole or shared, as usually courts feel that the participation of both parents in the child's life is important.

The importance of civil child exchanges

Ohio parents who are going through a divorce have to deal with the process of negotiating a child custody agreement, including the exchange process and visitation schedule. Each time a physical exchange happens--when a child goes from the physical custody of one parent to the other--there is a chance for emotions to rise, even leading to dangerous situations.

Kids take priority in divorce

When Ohio parents divorce, their children often experience a wide range of emotions in response to what is happening within the family unit. In many cases, parents are willing to put aside their differences to meet their children's needs. However, sometimes even well-intended parents can make mistakes that cause their children unnecessary pain.

Dealing with child custody when one parent moves

For many divorced Ohio parents, living close together afterwards allows them to still maintain an active role in their children's lives. Over time, one parent often moves further away due to a new relationship or job. While some families make it work, others start to fall apart.

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