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3 signs of parental alienation

If you went through a divorce, you know things are tough. One of the most difficult things to deal with after a divorce is your relationship with your children. If your connection with your kids feels strained and you notice it getting worse, it is a possibility that you are a victim of parental alienation.

In order for a custody arrangement to work out, both parents have to compromise and encourage their children to have healthy relationships with the other parent. Maybe your ex-spouse is not following this best practice and is trying to alienate your children from you instead. Here are some red flags.

1. Your child has an alliance with your ex

Divorce is always difficult for children, and it is normal for them to be angry and upset at times. However, if you notice your child has a disproportionate amount of anger towards you, this might be a sign your ex is encouraging it. Is your child reluctant to visit you? Keep an eye out for this type of behavior.

2. Your ex is not following visitation

Your custody and visitation schedule is important. One of the most surefire signs of parental alienation is when you are not seeing your children as expected. Your ex must meet the requirements of court-ordered visitation. If your former spouse is deliberately keeping your children from you, it is probably because he or she is trying to alienate them from you.

3. Your ex is not communicating effectively

It is no surprise that you and your ex may not be friendly or talk all the time. Regardless, your ex has a responsibility to inform you of important events regarding the lives of your children. If you are not hearing about important medical appointments or school events, you might be dealing with parental alienation.

If the situation is serious enough, you may be able to get your custody or visitation schedule modified. Read more about parental alienation in this ABC News article.


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