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Seeking a modification of the child support order

An Ohio parent who doesn't have primary custody of their children will most likely be responsible for paying support to the other parent. These child support payments help the primary caregiver provide food, shelter, medical care and other needs for the children. However, a change in circumstances can make it difficult for a non-custodial parent to meet payment obligations.

If this happens, parents responsible for paying child support cannot stop making payments to the best of their abilities. Those who do can be held in arrears. If they still fail to pay, they can potentially have their wages garnished, their tax returns seized or even their driver's license suspended. Therefore, it's best to act quickly if they find that they cannot make the payments.

Parents who have an inability to pay child support should immediately document the changes in circumstances. If, for example, the parent lost his or her job, documenting the attempts to find new income as fast as possible can help the case. The parent will need to file a child support modification with the court that issued the original order.

Until a child support modification is accepted by the appropriate court, the parent is still on the hook for paying the original child support amount. Because a failure to pay can result in major financial consequences, a parent should work quickly to start the modification process. An attorney can help the parent document the changes in circumstances and file the child support modification process papers. Once the other parent has been served, the attorney may represent the client in court.

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