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Military occupations prone to career stress and divorce

Many workers in Ohio feel stress on the job, which can turn into relationship difficulties. When the career-oriented website Zippia examined U.S. Census data, it looked for the occupations with the highest divorce rates by age 30. Military jobs took three spots in the top 10 careers most associated with divorce. People working as first-line enlisted military supervisors had the highest divorce rate at 30 percent.

Unsurprisingly, deployments strain military marriages. A breakdown of divorce rates measured by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch showed that the under-30 divorce rate for people in the U.S. Navy was 12.52 percent. Marines experienced a rate of 8.9 percent, and marriages among Army personnel ended at a similar rate of 8.48 percent. The Air Force had the highest divorce level at 14.6 percent.

Coming home, however, does not always solve marital problems. The post-traumatic stress and depression prevalent among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan impact marriages. The demands of military careers even among service members who do not deploy overseas contribute to divorces as well. According to, military marriages do not always overcome issues such as young marriage and frequent relocations.

A person who wants to know more about ending a marriage could talk to an attorney to learn how state laws may guide the terms of the divorce. For members of the armed services, an attorney could inform the person about the federal laws that guide the division of military benefits. Legal advice could help a person understand parental rights and the financial effects of certain choices. An attorney might also act as the person's representative during negotiations with the ex-partner to shield the person from emotions. Throughout the process, an attorney could also prepare court filings.

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