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Immigrants make child custody arrangements

While many immigrants living in Ohio are in the United States legally, there are some who have undocumented status. Because of changes in immigration policies, undocumented immigrants who are also parents may be concerned about the welfare of their young children, particularly if a parent or parents are detained or deported.

As a result, some parents are taking steps to protect their children by completing custody paperwork that would help ensure that their children could remain safe in the United States. In some cases, parents simply want to assign custody or guardianship to a friend or family member who can look after the child or children until the family can be reunited.

A more complicated situation is when an undocumented parent has a child who is a U.S. citizen. In some cases, the parent may wish for the child to remain in the United States and thus may have to make long-term plans for the child's supervision and care. Because issues regarding child custody and guardianship can be complex, many of these families are finding that the paperwork may be more complicated than they might expect. Also in some cases, the people who they choose might have immigration problems of their own.

Because of the multiple issues involved in immigration and child custody, individuals faced with making these choices may benefit from speaking with an experienced family law attorney who can review the client's case and make recommendations as to the best way to proceed if detention or deportation becomes an issue. Having arrangements made in advance may give peace of mind to all concerned during a highly stressful situation.

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