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Healthcare politics influencing divorce decisions

Once the Affordable Care Act became fully effective in 2014, people in Ohio who lost health insurance through a spouse's employer after a divorce had options for coverage, even if they had pre-existing conditions. The new law prohibited insurers from charging higher prices to people with existing health problems when they needed to buy individual insurance plans.

The turmoil at the federal level since Congress began circulating bills to repeal the consumer protections within the health insurance market has caused some people to delay their divorces. Financial planners and divorce attorneys have reported that the uncertainty about the availability and affordability of health insurance has stalled many people's plans to split.

If legislation repealing the ACA passes, then divorced people shopping for individual health plans could face skyrocketing costs. The bill proposed within the U.S. Senate would effectively restore the old system that priced individuals out of the market or simply denied coverage at any price. With the future of health insurance pricing in question, attorneys face difficulty estimating healthcare costs after a divorce. This figure often factors into calculations of alimony for spouses without access to employer health plans.

Someone contemplating divorce would have to think through how the dissolution of the marriage could influence finances and access to children. The support of an attorney could inform a person about the laws that guide property division and child custody. An attorney might also help a person focus on the long-term consequences of decisions instead of old arguments when negotiating the terms of the divorce settlement. Information about how to value a business, interpret a prenuptial agreement or calculate child or spousal support could empower a person when making decisions and compromises that could influence personal income and taxes.

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