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Debunking costly divorce myths

The end of a marriage can be a serious legal, financial and personal situation. Since many people have gone through a divorce or know someone who has, they might believe they are also qualified to give advice about how the process works. This may lead many Ohio residents astray with costly and sometimes disastrous misinformation. It is important to debunk several common myths in this regard.

One of them deals with child support. It is a common belief that determining child support is a relatively simple, income-based calculation. While income does play a primary factor in this regard, there are myriad issues that can influence the final amount. It is also important to understand that few hard laws are written to determine child support. Instead, states have their own guidelines, and family court judges often deviate from them when circumstances so dictate.

The second costly myth involves the role marital misconduct may play in a divorce proceeding. While it is true that misconduct is no longer required in order to file divorce, that doesn't mean it doesn't matter or isn't applicable to property division or spousal support decisions, especially if a cheating spouse used marital assets on a concealed relationship.

Dealing with both child support and marital misconduct issues can be complicated and should be considered as important parts of a legal strategy. An attorney may be able to help a client with both of these issues in a way that leads to a fair settlement. It is important to note that one attorney cannot represent both parties to a divorce even if it is uncontested, as that would constitute an unethical conflict of interest.

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