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July 2017 Archives

Healthcare politics influencing divorce decisions

Once the Affordable Care Act became fully effective in 2014, people in Ohio who lost health insurance through a spouse's employer after a divorce had options for coverage, even if they had pre-existing conditions. The new law prohibited insurers from charging higher prices to people with existing health problems when they needed to buy individual insurance plans.

Military occupations prone to career stress and divorce

Many workers in Ohio feel stress on the job, which can turn into relationship difficulties. When the career-oriented website Zippia examined U.S. Census data, it looked for the occupations with the highest divorce rates by age 30. Military jobs took three spots in the top 10 careers most associated with divorce. People working as first-line enlisted military supervisors had the highest divorce rate at 30 percent.

Seeking a modification of the child support order

An Ohio parent who doesn't have primary custody of their children will most likely be responsible for paying support to the other parent. These child support payments help the primary caregiver provide food, shelter, medical care and other needs for the children. However, a change in circumstances can make it difficult for a non-custodial parent to meet payment obligations.

Debunking costly divorce myths

The end of a marriage can be a serious legal, financial and personal situation. Since many people have gone through a divorce or know someone who has, they might believe they are also qualified to give advice about how the process works. This may lead many Ohio residents astray with costly and sometimes disastrous misinformation. It is important to debunk several common myths in this regard.

Immigrants make child custody arrangements

While many immigrants living in Ohio are in the United States legally, there are some who have undocumented status. Because of changes in immigration policies, undocumented immigrants who are also parents may be concerned about the welfare of their young children, particularly if a parent or parents are detained or deported.

4 ways a spouse may be hiding assets before a divorce

When facing the prospect of a divorce, both spouses are likely to worry about their individual financial futures. So much so, that it is not uncommon for a husband or wife to attempt to illegally hide assets. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished, and you would be wise to pay special attention to the family's finances when divorce becomes a reality.

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