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An alternative parenting arrangement in divorces

Ohio parents who are ending their marriage look for ways to lessen the stress of divorce on the minor children. As the term "best interests of the child" is the benchmark for a court's custody and visitation decision, the specific methods of how this goal is met is continuously evaluated.

Custodial arrangements change through time, parenting time schedules are modified and various methods are studied to determine their effect on the children. Judges, mediators, attorneys, conciliators and divorcing parents all seek, in their own way, to minimize the stress of a family that has become divided. To this end, lengthy holiday visitation schedules are sometimes created, parents are provided equal access to medical and school records and more equal parenting time is used.

One non-traditional approach gaining popularity is the concept of nesting. In this arrangement, the children remain in the family home, and the parents move in and out in accordance with an approved custody schedule. Nesting has its advantages. First, the children are rooted in a familiar environment. They are not asked to pack and unpack every few days to stay with one of the parents. There is no need for a second set of personal items to be stored at each parent's residence. The children can usually remain in the same school post divorce and retain their circle of friends. On the part of the parents, there may be no immediate need to sell the family home.

Many family law attorneys will agree that for nesting to succeed, both parents must have a sincere willingness to cooperate with each other. If this does not seem to be possible, then attorneys can take the lead in trying to negotiate a different type of custody and visitation arrangement.

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