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Things to avoid during a custody dispute

Ohio parents involved in custody disputes know that the process can be a highly emotional one. However, allowing emotions to drive the behavior and decision-making process can actually harm a parent's bid for custody. When emotions do take over, it is easy to make mistakes. It is important to remember the possible consequences of these mistakes and to attempt to not fall into making them.

Decision-making, for example, cannot be driven by emotions. Making clear and logical decisions in the best interest of the child can be tough during these moments, particularly when other family members and friends might put undue pressure on the parent. Another problem parents sometimes run into is sharing their information with the wrong person, who might be sharing them with the parent's ex, therefore weakening their bid for child custody.

Once again, due to emotions, parents might make the case about themselves and not their children. The court might not be too kind to a parent who stands in court taking about how terrible the other parent was during the marriage, instead of focusing on the children and their needs. In the same way, a court might also not favor parents who claim they are the only parent their children need, particularly since courts usually lean towards having both parents involved in the children's lives.

The biggest mistake parents sometimes make is becoming too passive when it comes to their involvement with the case. It is always best to be knowledgeable and educated about the legislation regarding child custody, to ask questions and keep track of the paperwork necessary and the due dates for filing. A family law attorney's assistance might help with the burden of getting the evidence and paperwork together.

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