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Study reports couples breaking up over politics

Ohio couples may be splitting up over politics at higher rates than in the past according to a survey by a polling firm. TIt found that around 10 percent of couples, both married and unmarried, broke up over political differences. Among millennials, the rate was even higher with 22 percent reporting that their relationship ended over politics.

The survey, which was carried out in April, also asked its 1,000 participants if they knew a couple whose relationship had been negatively affected by the election of President Trump, and 22 percent said yes. Almost one-quarter of people surveyed reported that since the election, they are disagreeing with their partner over politics more than in the past.

One New York divorce attorney said that she was seeing the highest number of divorces over political issues ever in her 35 years of practice. Most commonly, couples fight about money. She also said that in the past six months, more than 20 percent of people who were in relationships said they were engaged in more conflict about policies of the Trump administration than they were about finances.

Whatever the reason for the breakup, divorce can be a difficult process. In the midst of this emotional time, a couple must make decisions about how they will divide assets and debts as well as child custody, or a judge will do so. A couple has the option of working with their respective attorneys and negotiating an agreement about these issues, and they might be happier with this outcome. Litigation could be more expensive, and if they are unhappy with the judge's decision, they may be required to abide by it anyway. In some cases, such as when domestic abuse is involved, negotiation may not be possible, and litigation might be the best choice.

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