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Blocking contact with children

Technology has simplified how noncustodial parents can stay in touch with their children, and Ohio courts have used the convenience it provides for situations in which parents reside too far away from their children to make regular in-person visitations practical. However, there can be situations in which custodial parents may want to prevent contact between their child and the other parent.

Noncustodial parents who are blocked from contacting their child by the custodial parent without a court approving the action may have legal recourse. Family courts are typically disinclined to do so unless there are mitigating circumstances, such as abuse or neglect. The courts will likely arrange phone call schedules or rules if a parent is being denied access by the other parent, or if there are disagreements about too many text messages, phone calls or video calls from the noncustodial parent.

Custodial parents should consider limiting or blocking communication from a noncustodial parent if he or she is harassing the child by telephone or text message. However, doing so may be complicated, especially if there is an existing court order requiring the child to be available for calls. If the behavior does not qualify as criminal, at which point the police should be involved, the custodial parent will have to go to court to reach a solution. It is advisable for a child therapist to be consulted before communication with the noncustodial parent is limited or completely blocked.

A family law attorney should be contacted for assistance with resolving these types of child custody issues. The attorney may advise clients of their rights as parents and may suggest negotiation or mediation as an alternative to going to court.

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