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How to handle child custody disputes

Ohio estranged parents who are going through a child custody battle should have an effective course of action before they go to court. Being represented by a qualified attorney who practices family law and spending enough time to fully understand the child custody laws in their state are essential steps that should be taken.

Parents should never assume that the family court judge will take their side over the other parent. The only purpose of the court is to see to the best interests of the child. Parents may be able to improve their custody case by concentrating on showing that they also prioritize the well-being of their child.

If possible, parents should try to avoid a long-term child custody battle. Parents who want to have sole physical custody usually have to go to court because of the unwillingness of both parties to compromise to come to terms. Because the decision of who will win child custody is ultimately up to the court, both parties may end up surprised with the outcome. This is why it is important for parents to consider compromising and whether having joint physical custody is best for the child.

Parents who want to continue to pursue sole physical custody should be prepared for the hearing. When making a decision, the court will take into account which party can be considered the better parent, whether the parents are willing to communicate with one another for the benefit of the child, the supporting documentation submitted by the parents and how each parent behaves and dresses during the hearing.

Child custody disputes can turn bitter very quickly. A family law attorney will remind a client who is embroiled in one that the court will place the best interests of the child above all other factors when making its decision.

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