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April 2017 Archives

Popular "Grey's Anatomy" star files for divorce

On April 24, news sources confirmed that popular actor and activist Jesse Williams has filed for divorce, and Ohio fans of the "Grey's Anatomy" star may want to know more. Based on information contained in court documents, Williams is seeking to terminate his wife's spousal support. He is also seeking joint legal and physical custody of their two youg children. It appears that the couple has not yet commented publicly on their reported split.

How to handle child custody disputes

Ohio estranged parents who are going through a child custody battle should have an effective course of action before they go to court. Being represented by a qualified attorney who practices family law and spending enough time to fully understand the child custody laws in their state are essential steps that should be taken.

Child support for emancipated children in Ohio

Children are considered to be emancipated when they reach the age of majority. In Ohio, the age of majority is 18, but it is 21 in some states. At the point that a child is emancipated, their parents are no longer required to provide support for them. In some cases, a child may choose to become emancipated before they reach the age of majority.

Who pays for college tuition in an Ohio divorce?

Navigating the terms of an Ohio divorce is difficult enough. Now that your children have received their college acceptance letters, there may be another factor you have to worry about as you work out your divorce. Who will have to pay for the tuition? How much and for how long? You need to review Ohio law concerning post-secondary education costs so you can include this financial aspect in your divorce order.

Getting an equitable division with a QDRO

When an Ohio couple decides to divorce, several professionals like attorneys, mediators, therapists and accountants may be needed. One specialist that people might not know about is a certified divorce financial analyst, and this financial adviser could be necessary when a couple must divide retirement accounts with a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

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