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February 2017 Archives

The advantages of a prenuptial agreement

With almost half of marriages ending in divorce, it is important to take steps to protect one's financial future before getting married. Ohio couples who plan to get married may consider completing a prenuptial agreement, a written contract that outlines the obligations of each party should the nuptials end by divorce, annulment or death. There are many reasons why signing a prenuptial agreement is advisable.

Study reports on fathers who fall behind on child support

Ohio fathers who pay child support may spend more time with their children than fathers who do not, according to a study that appeared in the Journal of Marriage and Family in February 2017. The study looked at nearly 5,000 births in 20 cities nationwide and also found that fathers who do not pay support are more likely to have children by multiple partners and work fewer hours.

Couples undergoing IVF should have divorce plans in place

Ohio couples who are considering undergoing in-vitro fertilization should discuss what they would do with their frozen embryos should they divorce. Although no couple wants to consider the possibility of splitting up when trying to start a family, they should have this conversation before beginning IVF in order to prevent possible heartache in the future.

Pursuing late child support

An Ohio parent's duty to pay missed child support payments does not disappear when the child becomes an adult. Parents who are in arrears may have enforcement measures taken upon them so that the delinquent payments can be collected.

5 tips for successful co-parenting after divorce

Once the papers are signed and the divorce is final, you have an entirely new challenge. Your next hurdle is to figure out how to co-parent your children from two different homes. This often means two different sets of belief systems, rules and expectations. As hard as divorce can be on kids, parents can make it easier when they work together to successfully co-parent.

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