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November 2016 Archives

Conflicts around child custody that may arise

Divorced Ohio parents may run into a number of conflicts with one another regarding child custody and visitation. Some of those conflicts are serious enough that a return to court may be warranted. For example, one parent might want to relocate with the child, or one parent might be concerned that the other parent may abduct the children. This concern could be raised by the other parent regularly failing to return children on time after a visitation or taking the children out of town without informing the other parent. If these concerns are raised and the parent is not responsive, going to court might be necessary.

How divorce affects student loans and debt

Most people understand that both marriage and divorce are serious personal decisions. It is less well understood that they are also serious financial decisions. Under Ohio law, anything acquired by either spouse during a marriage, with a few exceptions,is considered marital property. This is subject to property division in the event of a divorce. Many people think of houses, cars and investments, but fewer people consider that debt is also subject to division.

A Divorced Dad's Guide to the Holidays

The wives tend to do much of the family planning in traditional marriages. It's not uncommon for them to even coordinate with the husband's side of the family in order to figure out big details like time and place as well as smaller things like who is bringing brownies. The stereotype is that dad gets his marching orders from mom just like the kids.

Temporary restraining orders may offer financial protection

An automatic temporary restraining order might be part of divorce proceedings in Ohio courtrooms. This prevents both spouses from doing a number of things including reckless spending of marital assets. However, a person still might do so prior to the order being put into place or continue to do so despite the order.

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