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October 2016 Archives

Property and debt division in divorces

Ohio couples who decide to end their marriage will have to deal with several different financial factors that could impact them after their divorces. they should try to gain a good understanding of what to expect so that they might make better decisions in property settlement agreements.

Stay-at-home dads & divorce: 2 common questions from dads in Ohio

More and more fathers are choosing to stay at home and raise children. A recent piece by the Journalist's Resource touched on this growing trend, noting that over 2 million fathers were stay-at-home dads in the United States in 2012. According to the Census Bureau, this number is growing over time.

Handling unreasonable divorce demands

Divorce can sometimes be an ugly business. It is not uncommon for people to make unreasonable demands on their estranged spouse when it comes to the division of assets and other issues. It is important for couples who are going through a divorce to understand that Ohio courts will divide marital property under the principle of equitable distribution unless they can otherwise agree.

Financial transparency may be the key to a lasting marriage

While Ohio doesn't fall among the top states where marital breakdowns are the most prevalent, the unfortunate reality is that the national divorce rate is close to 50 percent. However, the number of couples who choose to end their marriage is falling overall, and increased financial stability and awareness about money matters could be key reasons.

How is spousal support determined in Ohio?

When a couple divorces in Ohio, it is common for the court to order spousal support to be paid to one of the divorced partners. There are many variables that may affect how much that support will be. If the former spouses cannot agree on support payments themselves, the judge will determine the amount.

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