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September 2016 Archives

The importance of child support for single parents in Ohio

Becoming a single parent is one of the most difficult jobs anyone can have. It is often made worse when it accompanies a legal battle with a former spouse over child support payments. The media is often filled with headline claims about the large amounts of money some single parents are awarded. These cases generally involve very wealthy celebrities, but they tend to generate plenty of bad publicity for all single parents.

Reasons to get a prenuptial agreement

Many Ohio couples who are planning to get married often do not believe they need a prenuptial agreement, even if they have already accumulated significant assets. However, if the couple later gets a divorce and they did not have a prenuptial agreement, the court will divide marital property in a manner that it deems fair, and the outcome may not please one or both of the parties.

Higher divorce rate for baby boomers affects retirement accounts

Ohio uses an equitable distribution system to divide a couple's assets at the time of divorce. This system is used when handling retirement accounts. With more baby boomers near retirement age, understanding the principles regarding the treatment of retirement accounts at divorce is relevant to more and more individuals.

Determining the value of a business in a divorce

Most Ohio divorces involve some negotiations or court hearings over property division issues. One of the most difficult marital assets to divide is a business, whether it is a large corporation, a partnership operated by the divorcing spouses or a sole proprietorship operated by one spouse. Before a business can be divided as part of a divorce settlement, its value must be determined.

Screen time for kids: who sets the rules?

Parents in Columbus who are divorced and co-parenting their children might face disagreements on how to handle certain matters. One of the situations that might lead to tension is the amount of screen time children get at each parent's home. To resolve the issue, parents might think about who sets the rules when it comes to screen time and what they can do.

How a zealous legal advocate can help you in child custody proceedings

In the divorce process, having a zealous advocate can be crucial for achieving the best results. This is particularly true of financial matters such as property division, debt division, tax and retirement issues, and spousal support. In these areas, the role of an advocate is to make sure the court has the information it needs to make a decision that reflects the interests of the parent the advocate is representing.

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