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What factors do courts consider in handling custody and parenting time? P.2

In our previous post, we began looking at the best interests of the child standard, and the various factors courts consider when determining whether a proposed child custody arrangement is appropriate for a child. As we noted, courts also consider the same factors to determine best interests when shared parenting is proposed, as well as several additional factors.

What factors do courts consider in handling custody and parenting time?

For parents going through divorce, one of the most important concerns—if not the most important concern—is how the divorce will impact their children. Splitting up and separating can cause significant changes in a child’s life and this can be stressful. Both parents also want to ensure that they have the ability to continue their relationship with the children, despite their differences with their ex.

Is Parental Alienation Syndrome A Disorder?

In a divorce, emotions can quickly become frayed and long-standing disputes often take center stage. When the divorce involves children of any age, they are immediately caught between two battling parents. Whether overt or subconscious, kids are quick to pick up on hostilities between the parents. Can these hostilities lead to a long-term syndrome?

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